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About This Site

This site is a result of a promise I made to Santa Muerte. I do not have a lot of experience with Santa Muerte. I worked with her in passing here and there over the 30 years of my Occult practice.  I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN HER DEVOTION OR WORK, I AM JUST LEARNING MYSELF. 

I know of her history, but never truly worked with her until now. I was having a few issues that I needed remedied. For some reason I was not able to remedy them in other ways. I decided to see if I could potentially work with Santa Muerte. I have had dreams of her and so I figured it was safe to work with her.

After one day of working with her, a multi-month  issue was resolved that SAME DAY. I was shocked. I decided to have her work on one more issue and within a week, it was done.  I was completely floored.  I have had rituals work very quickly for me, but this was amazing.  I have since been working with her and getting to know her.  

I promised her that I would make dedication site for her. But not a site of my experiences, but of the community. I promised this would be a site for all devotees and therefore I am going to let members add content and tributes. 

The website domain was on sale for nearly 3000 dollars. I jumped at it, I wanted to prove not only that I was serious about this, but I will spare no expense to create this site. 

Ultimately this site is for her and for you. I am just here making this site available to all.

Blessings, Baal Kadmon

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