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This site is a result of a promise I made to Santa Muerte. I do not have a lot of experience with Santa Muerte. I worked with her in passing here and there over the 30 years of my Occult practice. I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN HER DEVOTION OR WORK, I AM JUST LEARNING MYSELF. 

I know of her history, but never truly worked with her until now. I was having a few issues that I needed remedied. For some reason I was not able to remedy them in other ways. I decided to see if I could potentially work with Santa Muerte. I have had dreams of her and so I figured it was safe to work with her.

After one day of working with her, a multi-month  issue was resolved that SAME DAY. I was shocked. I decided to have her work on one more issue and within a week, it was done.  I was completely floored.  I have had rituals work very quickly for me, but this was amazing.  I am now working with her regularly.

I promised that I would make dedication site for her. But not a site of my experiences, but of the community. I promised this would be a site for all devotees and therefore I am going to let members add content and tributes. 

The website domain was on sale for nearly $3000. I jumped at it, I wanted to prove not only that I was serious about this, but I will spare no expense to create this site. I have also put this on a dedicated server as well to accommodate the traffic.

Ultimately this site is for her and for you. I am just here making this site available to all.


Baal Kadmon

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About Baal Kadmon

Baal Kadmon is an Author, Occultist, and Meditation teacher based out of New York City. In addition to the Occult, he is a Scholar of Religion Philosopher, and Historian specializing in Ancient History, Late Antiquity and Medieval History. He has studied and speaks Israeli Hebrew, Classical Hebrew, Ugaritic language, Arabic, Judeo-Aramaic, Syriac (language), Ancient Greek and Classical Latin.

Baal first discovered his occult calling when he was very young. It was only in his teens, when on a trip to the Middle East that he heeded the call. Several teachers and many decades later he felt ready to share what he had learned.

His teachings are unconventional to say the least. In addition to rituals, he includes in depth history in almost all the books he writes. He shatters the beloved and idolatrously held notions most occultists hold dear. His pared-down approach to Magick and Meditation is refreshing and is very much needed in a field that is mired by self-important magicians and teachers who place more importance on pomp and circumstance, than on Magick and Meditation. What you learn from Baal is straight-forward, with no frills. There is no need to complicate things.


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